God Bless all we have lost worldwide due to this horrific pandemic 




Recording sessions have officially begun for my new album


4/13/21 new album update

Things are moving along beautifully and we are approaching the mixing and mastering stage.  It is a very complicated album that I think you are really going to enjoy. I'm really taking my time on this one as it is the only thing helping me get through these difficult times.  Actually I may be looking at releasing two separate albums or an album and  EP since I am working on 13 songs one of which is an original Christmas song.  We'll see. Here are the musicians that have recorded on my new album so far.

All amazing. blessed to work with such great artists 

Cindy Mizelle, vocals

Jessie Wagner, vocals

Lisa Lowell, vocals

Jacquelynn Ware, vocals

Melinda Colaizzi,vocals

Marc Ribler  guitar

Jack Daley   bass

Rich Mercurio drums

Andy Burton  keyboards  piano, organ

Lowell Levinger  mandolin

Rob Paparozzi   harp

Clifford Barnes, organ

Paul Thompson, acoustic bass

Rick Gallagher, piano

Thomas Wendt, drums

Mark Strickland, guitar

Elisa Kohanski cello string section leader

Maija Anstine   Viola

Juan C. Jaramillo B. Violin   

Dawn Posey Violin

Ekaterina Istomin Viola

Sandro Leal - Santiesteban  Violin



Jimmy Hoyson, engineer, The Vault Recording Studio

Joe DiMaio, engineer, Shorefire Recording




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photo by Michael de Burger  Koninklijk Theater Carré. Amsterdam Netherlands,7/4/17 with Little Steven and the Disciples Of Soul